About us

About OHK

OHK Medical Devices Ltd. is an Israeli Medical Devices Company founded in 1999 by the Gavriely Family, manufacturing and selling innovative products for orthopedic and vascular surgery and for emergency medicine. Its core patent-protected technology is a line of single-use devices for quick and effective displacement of blood from the limbs and blocking its re-entry. 

Members of the Gavriely Family have been instrumental in developing OHK products, its’ commercial platform and the production plant and provided the funds needed to run the company in its early days. 

External Investors assisted in extending and expanding our activities. The last investment was in 2010 and since then the Company has been essentially cash-flow positive.  Companies’ Board of Directors composed of 6 respected leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences and headed by Executive Chairman Amir Ohad.

Our Board of Directors supervises the overall affairs of American Tower and is focused on promoting the highest standards of corporate governance at the Company. The Board is composed of respected leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Our Goal

is to create a platform for implementing basic physiological principle to provide devices that can improve the outcome of healthcare. We sought to identify clinical needs that are handled by traditional practices and try to develop solutions that improve outcome. 

Our Mission

  • Develop, manufacture and bring to market innovative science-based solutions to true clinical needs.
  • Always maintain high quality of products, production, service and distribution.
  • Maintain amicable and fair relationships with all stakeholders – our team, our partners, our suppliers, our customers and our shareholders.
  • Assist those who are in need through donations of our products to humanitarian missions and disaster relief teams.

OHK’s surgical products

The HemaClear® product – is a sterile single-use surgical tourniquet that widely used to create a bloodless surgical field. More than 600,000 operations have been performed with the HemaClear® on all 5 continents with excellent acceptance by users and an impeccable safety track record. HemaClear® is endorsed by key opinion leaders in leading adult and pediatric medical centers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

The HemaShock® product line was recently launched for use in Emergency Medicine, where it is used to auto-transfuse a patient’s own blood from the limbs into central circulation, during severe shock and during Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).