Clinical Case: HemaShock Use in Elderly Man in Circulatory Arrest

An elderly man collapsed at a restaurant. This elderly gentleman had an AICD in place that shocked him three times and each time he did not convert. The medics then arrived, started IVs and gave epi/amiodarone, and attempted to defibrillate 5 times unsuccessfully. After 35 minutes of CPR, the patient arrived in the ED where HemaShock® devices […]

Clinical Case: HemaShock Use in an Elderly Woman in Severe Hemorrhagic Shock

An elderly woman was brought into the ED after being found down in bed by a relative. She had been complaining of stomach pain for several hours. Paramedics found her to be unresponsive with BP less than 40 systolic, pale and ashen, with fixed dilated pupils. They assisted breathing and started lines, and transported her […]

HemaShock in Cardiac Arrest Cases

Preliminary clinical validation of the HemaShock® in cardiac arrest cases was carried out at the Eisenhower medical center, Rancho Mirage, CA, USA. HemaShock® was applied to 17 patients, presenting to the ED with cardiac arrest (Figure). All patients presented in critically end-stage status, having failed prehospital efforts including epinephrine, atropine, some amiodarone, and defibrillation, all presenting asystole or […]