The HemaSTOP™ – Stop the Bleed Tourniquet

The HemaSTOP™ is a tourniquet intended to be used in cases of bleeding from an open wound of an arm or a leg. It is used to prevent life-threatening blood loss. The HemaSTOP™ was developed using the HemaShock technology.

The HemaSTOP™ can be self-applied or applied by a caregiver. If the limb is unstable (fractured), two caregivers are needed; one to apply axial traction and the other to apply the tourniquet. Each product package has one yellow sticker to write the time of application and put on the patient’s exposed areas. The HemaSTOP™ can stay on a limb for up to two hours. If longer evacuation time is needed, the HemaSTOP™ can be rolled down while applying direct manual pressure on the bleeding injury. After 10 minutes the HemaSTOP™ can be re-rolled up over the injury site. Note that the shoe must come off for placing the HemaSTOP™ on a leg, but there is no need to remove pants or pull up the sleeve of the shirt when placing it on the upper limb.

So far 1100 HemaSTOP™ units have been sold to an NGO that is making personal first aid kits for civilians in Israel.

Stop the bleed tourniquet

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