Clinical Case: HemaShock Use in Elderly Man in Circulatory Arrest

An elderly man collapsed at a restaurant. This elderly gentleman had an AICD in place that shocked him three times and each time he did not convert. The medics then arrived, started IVs and gave epi/amiodarone, and attempted to defibrillate 5 times unsuccessfully.

After 35 minutes of CPR, the patient arrived in the ED where HemaShock® devices were placed on both legs and within 2 minutes of additional CPR, the patient went into VF and was successfully cardioverted to ROSC. The rhythm degenerated into VF four more times until he was stabilized. We then started the hypothermia protocol, removed the devices gradually over the next 2 hours, and he was admitted to the ICU. Rewarming after 24 hours, which took a full 24 hours.

The patient appeared to be comatose for 7 days, but on the 8th day when weaned off the meds, he woke up and is neurologically intact with some probable diffuse slight ischemic encephalopathy. However, he is moving all extremities, speech is slow but clear, with some semblance of humor and he is recognizing his family.

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